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Sabbatical Ends: A New Journey Begins

My Dear Fellow Pastors’ Wives, I wanted to let you know about what God has been doing in our lives lately. Today marks the end of a richly significant time period for us- our sabbatical. We never could have dreamed what a precious gift this last 18 months would be! In some ways, it’s seemed… Read More Sabbatical Ends: A New Journey Begins

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From My Heart: How?

I’ve come to this page several times, wanting desperately to write, but coming up emtpy. I express my heart best through writing, yet sometimes my heart is so full that it takes awhile for the words to sort themselves out and come to the surface. We’ve been home from South Africa for about a week… Read More From My Heart: How?

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Sabbatical Changes {4 Month Report}

I’ve had quite a few emails recently from pastors’ wives and friends, asking me what our sabbatical has been like, and inquiring about the changes that we’ve made. “Do you mind sharing what you are doing differently?” they’ve said. And I am thrilled to share what God has been doing in our family through this… Read More Sabbatical Changes {4 Month Report}