Old Fashioned Christmas Decor Gallery

A few weeks ago, we had our annual Christmas ladies’ meeting at our church. Each year our planning committee chooses a theme, and this year’s theme was “Christmas Treasures.” A friend and I collaborated to decorate for the event…and we had so much fun doing it! The resulting primitive home scene was so lovely- mostly because all of the items we used were someone’s treasures! Many of our ladies willingly offered their special items to add to our scene, creating a very realistic feel of Christmases gone by. Here are some of the photos from our evening:


We chose burgundy and cream/gold for the tree colours. I enjoyed using my favourite garland, but this year decided to make “puffs” instead of wrapping it around the tree. The lights made the garland look like it was glowing- love it! And of course we had to have ‘brown paper packages tied up with string!’


To the right of the tree we put the fireplace. I had an old window that I cleaned up and hung a curtain on with wool string. The lanterns were lent to us  by two ladies, as was the string of mittens and the birch logs. The infant cradle came from another lady, who knows the history of it coming off of a settler’s boat- it is very old! Isn’t it darling?!


To the right of the fireplace we set up our baking/sewing corner of the one room house. The spinning wheel was lent to us, as were the kitchen utensils, including tin cookie cutters and an old egg beater, among other culinary antiques.


To the left of the tree we hung a homemade quilt, and arranged my own wooden rocking horse, handmade by my Grandfather before he died. One lady brought in the wicker baby cradle and carriage. The carriage still had a straw tick in it! Laying over the baby bed are some dainty infant gowns, also lent to us. I so enjoyed examining these handmade items- they boast such tiny stitches, and the teensiest buttons you have ever seen! Also impressive were the long hems of 6-8 inches, so the garment could be let out as the infant grew. So resourceful!


The tablescapes were simple….tables covered with brown paper….baskets filled with pinecones and vintage Christmas balls….tied with burgundy cording.


Stepping back, this is the finished scene.  I thoroughly enjoyed helping to create it, using treasures from so many different ladies. We had a really special evening as we gathered together and sang carols, ate treats, played games, heard a stirring devotion, listened to stories of Christmas treasures, and enjoyed each others’ fellowship. It was a fabulous evening!

In meditating on aspects of treasures, I realized that often when we have a treasure, we hold it close so that nothing happens to it. But not sharing the treasure of Christmas  may cost someone’s soul.

Share the treasure of Christ this season and always!

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    1. I am a bit behind on getting photos posted…I had this post ready last week and somehow all the text got deleted. Had to do it over in Windows Live Writer. 🙂 And yes, antiques are so neat! I enjoy them even more now that I have received a few from my Grandmother’s passing.

    1. Beth told me I should send the pics in to a magazine….I don’t know if they are THAT good…lol I’m so glad you got to be here to enjoy the evening with me!!

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