Sabbatical Info

During our personal sabbatical, I have blogged openly about what it has been like for our family to have an intentional, extended break between ministries. The following links will give you a glimpse into our experience and hopefully give you ideas for a sabbatical of your own. Since God has blessed us with this time, I have become increasingly passionate about my belief that every pastor should take or be given a periodic sabbatical. Read why in this post- 7 Reasons Every Church Should Give Their Pastors A Sabbatical

Articles About Our Personal Sabbatical Experience:

PKs Need Sabbaticals Too

What You  Miss When You Choose Stillness

Ministry Matters: When God Wakes You Up to Rest

Sabbatical Changes {4 Month Report}

Sabbatical Surprises {6 Month Report}

Sabbatical Blessings {8 Month Report}

Sabbatical Stirrings {10 Month Report}

Sabbatical Reflections {12 Month Report}

Other Articles About Sabbaticals:

What Pastors Should Know Before Their Sabbatical

5 Reasons Your Pastor Should Take A Sabbatical

9 Things You Should Be Doing to Support Your Pastor

5 Guidelines for a Successful Sabbatical

Sabbaticals for Ministers: The Benefits for Pastors and Congregations {Booklet in PDF format}