What I Read in 2020

It’s time for my annual “what I read this year” post! A few years ago I started photo journaling the books I read each year, for my personal benefit, and for my friends and readers. I get many messages all year every year, asking for book recommendations. A photo journal has become the easiest way to keep track and to be able to quickly refer people to new titles, along with a short review.

Without further ado, here are the interesting reading facts, in the form of the questions I get most often:

What was your 2020 reading goal? I set a goal to read 50 books this year. While this was my goal for 2019 as well, I didn’t make it (due to an international move and the resulting upheaval and transition). So this year I re-adopted my goal of reading 50. (Side note: my reading goals do not include Bible reading, which is already part of my daily life.)

Did you reach your reading goal? Little did we all know what was in store for 2020, and the fact that we would have extra reading time during our strict lockdown months. So, in terms of goal reaching, this year was kind to me. I not only reached my goal, but surpassed it. I read FIFTY-FIVE (55) books! And what a rich reading year it was! I really think that every year is full of rich reading, probably because I’m so choosy about what I read.

What was your favorite read this year? Worst question ever- at least the hardest to answer! 🙂 I simply cannot choose. Because I pray about what to read next, I see God’s hand in my reading life in very specific ways. So I can’t choose a favorite because each book is perfect for its time in my life. My books mark memorials along the way during the year. I can remember what was going on in my life based on what book I was reading, and vice versa. I typically don’t have books that I hate, because I don’t make myself finish books like that. I did have a few that weren’t my favorite, and you can see those details in my short reviews.

Where can I view your album? Here is the link to my 2020 reading album.

It’s a public album so you should have no trouble accessing it. Enjoy, and I hope you find some good reading material for 2021!

One final question- What is your reading goal for 2021? This year’s goal was hard to set, for a few reasons. Goals cannot keep increasing without limits, so I had to weigh what I think is actually possible to attain, while stretching myself a bit more each year. So I set my goal to read 65 books during 2021. Stay tuned, and watch my new album on Facebook for ideas throughout the year. Happy reading!


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