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Ordinary Becomes Heavenly (Five Minute Friday and a happy announcement!)

Ordinary can be so mundane. But for those of us who look to God for strength and meaning in an otherwise meaningless life, we have the opportunity to daily see the ordinary become heavenly.

One peek into God’s love letter to us, and an ordinary morning sparks an ocean of joy into the inmost parts of our soul. After a sleepy break during the night, fellowship is resumed right where we left off. Communication flows freely between me and the God of the universe. Ordinary?! Not a chance!

One kiss from a tiny, breakfast-covered face, and the ordinary of “kids” becomes “my child.”  All over again, we put on the glasses of seeing our heritage as gifts from God. Ordinary? Impossible!

One soft word- a special look from our spouse, and the tendency of marriage to become ordinary fades as friendship grows deeper and bricks of trust are stacked into a beautiful castle of example for the young ones to follow after.  Day by day, living out the mundane that God so delights in, marriage becomes a mirror of non-earthly things. Ordinary? Never!

To the world, I am ordinary. To me, the world is ordinary.  Let it be so.

To God, I’m His priceless treasure, bought with His own blood. He yearns for my fellowship. Though I am only one of His many children, His interactions with me are not ordinary.

This is grace!

***********************And now for an exciting announcement************************

Do you desire to have a marriage that is more than just ordinary? I know we all do! God’s Word holds the key to making our marriages a slice of heaven on earth. Launching TODAY (March 1st) is a brand new marriage website/blog. Fulfilling Your Vows is a site dedicated to helping marriages become stronger and more Christ-honoring. At Fulfilling Your Vows, find a team of passionate writers who will open God’s Word and share tips of encouragement for your marriage. I am honored to be a part of the regular writing team! Months of planning, praying, designing, and writing have gone into this new haven for couples. Please take some time to visit the site, sign up for updates, and like the FYV page on Facebook and Twitter!

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6 thoughts on “Ordinary Becomes Heavenly (Five Minute Friday and a happy announcement!)

    1. Thanks for reading, Gabrielle! I’m praying that the marriage site will be a huge blessing to many marriages! Have a blessed weekend.

  1. Beautiful, Leah! “His interactions with me are not ordinary.” So true! And I’m excited for this new adventure you’re on with the marriage website! Hope you’re having a restful break. Blessings, friend!

  2. Thanks, Jacqui! I’m enjoying a bit of a change of pace. Doing some ordinary things that may turn out to be not-so-ordinary. 🙂 Hope you are doing well too!

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