Something Old, Something New

A few changes are on the horizon for Embracing Grace. My prayer is that any changes I make around here will be profitable and encouraging to you. Thank you to those who have already given great feedback through my reader survey. If you haven’t done that yet, hop over and take 5 minutes to answer the 10 simple questions. I value your input very much.

The “something old” is in relation to my goals for Embracing Grace. My original dream was to minister to ministry families while ministering to women in general. That goal will not change. I am committed as always to provide fresh, relevant, and passionate content that will inspire and edify you in your Christian life. I will still be blogging devotionally and occasionally about family, but always lots about grace and how it is a vibrant part of every day life.  I hope you’ll join my journey in 2014. It’s your journey too, and I’m honored to have you walking it with me!

The “something new” is a fresh feature in the form of a monthly “Grace Notes Newsletter.” I promise that I will not fill your inbox with spam! 🙂 The newsletter will go out around the 15th of each month. It will include links that I find around the web that I believe will be helpful to you. They might be others’ great blog posts, deals for books and ebooks, free printables, ministry resources and ideas, etc.

Also included in the newsletter will be some tidbits from our family life (what books I’m reading or recommend, life events, etc.), quotes that I find inspiring, and encouraging things that are too good to not pass along.

The newsletter content will be fresh and not available on the public blog. According to my Facebook stats, only about a third of you are seeing what I post on the Embracing Grace page. I feel that with the recent FB changes, they are making it nearly impossible to reach fans, and that is making me wonder why I even have a fan page. In my thinking, a newsletter is a more practical way to make sure that content actually reaches my readers.  If you want to continue receiving updates, consider  signing up  {by clicking there} or using the link in the right sidebar——–>

Thank you for following along. You all bless me so much!

With grace,



2 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. So excited for you Leah and for what 2014 holds. Love the newsletter idea and I look forward to receiving it each month. Your post have blessed me so much, and as a pastors wife, I find it so encouraging for the places I find myself walking in. Blessings to you!

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