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How YOU Can Encourage Your Pastor’s Wife {Guest Post}

Today I have a special guest writer here to share her heart with you. You may remember Sandy, who shared her burden and the ministry God gave to her in this post. Well, now we get to hear from Brandi, the recipient of that ministry! She’s a pastor’s wife, and she has an incredible testimony of what some of her ladies have done for her through the gift of prayer. If you are a pastor’s wife, this will encourage you. If you are not a pastor’s wife, why not consider starting a ministry like this for your pastor’s wife (or pastors’ wives if you have an assistant pastor’s wife as well). So, without further ado, here’s Brandi:

Today I’d like to tell you about one of my secret weapons; Sandy Quinn. She serves me relentlessly. She is my armor bearer.

Sandy walked up to me one day and asked if I had a group of women praying for me. She didn’t ask because she desired to launch a group for me. She asked because she wanted to join that prayer group. Her assumption, that seemed to say, “Of course there’s a group of ladies praying for my Senor Pastor’s wife! Anything less is unacceptable!” stopped me in my tracks, to say the least.

I couldn’t imagine that women would want to give up their precious time and energy for me.

God had given me a deep love for His church. He dropped a mother load of love into me, for His people, when my husband became the Senior Pastor of our church. I felt like I was floating because I was so in love with them (the church body). The best way I can describe it is like this: You know when you give birth to your baby, and you get that Momma “love drop” from God, for your baby? You never knew you could love this much! Well, it was just like that. I knew I had that love for them. However, I guess I never expected them to love me in return. I didn’t imagine they would want to sacrifice for me. I felt it was my place, like a mother, to sacrifice and fight for them. Little did I know God had plans and put them into action through Sandy.

He had an army He was raising to hold up my arms during the battles to come.

When Sandy told me that she wanted to lead a prayer group for me, I was overwhelmed. What a powerful and humbling moment that was! I was so pleased. However, I did have a reservation. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to trust the women that joined. I was nervous that women would join that didn’t necessarily “have my back”. But, that it would become “the thing to do,” like a popularity club. I have seen so much of that kind of mentality in church previously. I am disinterested in clubs and popularity contests. I want no part in anything like it.

I am extremely at ease with Sandy. She is trustworthy and discreet, which is at the top of the list of importance for me. Sandy told me that she wanted me to choose the women to be in the prayer group. At that moment, peace settled all the way down into my soul. Now, I knew that I could trust the women in this group. I wanted it to consist of women who were intimate with God, humble, gentle, bold and powerful -God loving daughters of the King. You know, your everyday atmosphere changers! Haha!

The group that has been formed is called “Warrior Women in Prayer.” This name couldn’t be more perfect. They battle with me. They pray for my husband, and children as well as me. They let me know that they, each individually, pray for me everyday. They also come together in prayer two Saturdays a month to pray for me.

They have moved mountains for me, this I know for sure.

I have a greater confidence knowing that we are all in this together with our loving Father leading us along the path He desires for our church. I know the generations to come will even be reaping the benefits from the walls these women have torn down and the seeds they have sown. Amen.

These amazing women are pure joy to me. They are like angels. They minister to me, even if I only can see them across the room. They seem to try and out do themselves in blessing me. They always succeed! Some special things they have done are:

They showed up at my house on a Saturday morning with a smorgasbord of breakfast. They brought their husbands along (which was extra special for my husband and I).

They gave us a basket full of gifts and cards – to be opened, one a day, throughout the month of November.

They send me love notes periodically.

They fast for me as a group through out the year for a week at a time. They never say a word about it. They keep it on the down-low. I can tell when they are fasting though, because they look at me with an even deeper love.

These are only a bit of what they do. I pray that God would bless them 100 fold!

I would like to share a final thought. My hope is that women would rise up in all the churches and put a safety circle around their pastors’ wife. It is an unglamorous position. As I sit and ponder that last statement I wrote, a picture of a mother popped into my head. And it’s true. Before you’re a momma, you look at mommies with their babies and children and you see this white light encompassing this beautiful love bond. You see them smiling and playing and saying adorable things to each other. Then, you become a mother and well… nursing hurts, you’re exhausted, baby goes to the bathroom all over you, crying (you and baby), feeling alone, and so on and so forth. A pastor’s wife is a spiritual momma to so many. If she has women she can trust to love her flock with her, to edify her, to encourage her that she’s not alone, then, she will be strong and she will love well. My question is this; Is God calling you to take the invisible position in leadership and begin a prayer group for your pastor’s wife? Your pastor’s wife shouldn’t have to start up her own group.

Is it you?

Are you the one God is calling to lead and to raise up women leaders in your church to form a hedge of protection around your pastor’s wife?


Do you feel led to start a ministry of prayer for your pastor’s wife? If so, contact me and I will put you in touch with Sandy Quinn. She is more than happy to answer your questions and give you ideas for your group!

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  1. What a wonderful thing! We are just preparing for a church-planting ministry and I already know it will be a lonely hard task. But to know there would be women praying for me. I am also convicted about my lack of prayer for my own pastor’s wife right now. Thank you for this post!

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