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Marvelous Are His Works {Ministry Report}

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” Psalm 118:23

I just returned from a fabulous visit to the beautiful city of Indianapolis, Indiana, where I spent about five days with my ministry team. This team is comprised of seven pastors’ wives and myself who administrate the nine online Heart-to-Heart support groups. Most of us had never met in real life, even though we’ve been serving together online for about 18 months . God richly blessed our time together! Here we are, representing MT, WY, PA, MO, IN, CA, and NC (minus one from New York who wasn’t able to attend):



Several significant things happened while we were enjoying our gathering:

God Specifically Answered Prayer:

I was praying specifically during the months and weeks leading up to our retreat. A few days before, I kicked it into high gear and asked God for some specific things to happen during our gathering.

*God, let me know You more through these ladies.

*God, give us wisdom as we meet and plan details for a future pastors’ wives retreat/conference, and as we prepare for the possible expansion of the online support group ministry.

*God, bring a licensed counselor alongside us to help with the needs of our pastors’ wives in the groups.

*God, give us solid encouragement and hope through our time in Your Word and in prayer.

*God, give us unity and purpose as a team.

*God, confirm and affirm this ministry in the hearts of your people {both our team and our host church}

*God, let me fade as the leader of this ministry, and let Christ be preeminent.

There were many other smaller things I was praying about throughout the weekend concerning health, safety, and relationships. God either answered clearly or is in process of answering all of my requests.

We Enjoyed God Together:

I started the first H2H group about two years ago, and as the groups began to expand, I needed help. I prayed for God to guide my choice of ladies to become admins of the new groups. I knew He was leading me in my choices, but as you know, there is only so much you can know about someone online. This past week was where the rubber hit the road when it came to finding out exactly what kind of team I had put together. I was nervous.

But wow. I was brought to tears with gratefulness for the ladies who make up this team. They are Godly and strong, gracious and loving. They are amazing. I kept thinking how blessed and humbled I was and am to be serving with women like this. Each of us shared a devotional and we spent hours in prayer for YOU, the pastors’ wives in the groups. Many of you sent in specific requests, and those were prayed for. Some of those requests were even answered during our retreat! We loved seeing God work like that.

Of course our planning sessions included a variety of delicious chocolate:


We Had Gracious Hosts:

Our retreat was hosted and facilitated by Crosspointe Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana where Pastor Rick Arrowood serves as senior pastor. Our group was able to use their very spacious, comfortable, and fully furnished mission house. One of my admins is a pastor’s wife there at Crosspointe, and she planned and prepared all of our meals- such a blessing! During the Sunday services, our ministry was presented to the church, and was received with enthusiasm. I can’t tell you how it thrilled my heart to see the church members there loving their own pastors and pastors’ wives, AND getting excited about a ministry of encouragement for other pastors’ wives. Truly, the vision was caught.

Here we are meeting Pastor Rick Arrowood and his wife, Dolly:


During the Sunday  morning service:


The church photographer took our picture together:


We Toured Downtown Indianapolis and Visited the Speedway:

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves for the fun time we had! Here we are at the circle monument:


Indianapolis Speedway- Racing Capitol of the World:
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The assistant pastor at Crosspointe (also the husband of one of our admins!) patiently prepared some amazing smoked pork for us to enjoy at their home:


I Am Young:

As we finished up our airport runs during the first day of our gathering, I began to realize that I was quite possibly the youngest woman there. Sure enough, I was- only by two years- but the youngest nonetheless. Feeling somewhat conflicted, I voiced my thoughts to the oldest member of our team. “It feels like it should be you doing this,” I said. What she said was brilliant. “You’re a pencil and I’m a pencil.  I’m almost used up. I don’t have many years left. But you’re a fresh, new pencil. I’m here to help you in any way I can to get this ministry off the ground.” I was humbled at her words.

Yes, I am young. I don’t feel young because of the intensity of the trials we have endured in the last ten years.  We were forced to mature rapidly as a result of being exposed to a wide range of experiences. We have always felt more comfortable with middle aged folks than we do with people our own age. Yet, it stands. I am young.

But. God has called me to this ministry. He has given me the dream, the vision, the passion. He has equipped me and surrounded me with Godly women who share my love and burden for pastors’ wives.

So onward I go. I will not be ashamed of my age. Rather I will be thankful for all that God has taught me in my younger years. I will use it all to share hope and healing with others. I will walk through the doors that God opens and I will walk away from the ones that He closes. Even if nothing we planned last weekend comes to fruition, we all agreed that our time together was worth every minute of building relationships, both vertically and horizontally. God’s hand was evident in the smallest of details, and I want to publicly give Him glory and praise!

A Plea for Prayer:

Friends, will you pray with us and for us? The enemy doesn’t like what we are doing. He is busy trying to discourage pastors’ wives and trying to thwart those who encourage them. Pray for protection, provision, wisdom, and boldness to take the next steps for this ministry. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in prayer! We love you all so very much! YOU are why we have this ministry. Take heart, don’t give up. God is with you. You are loved, noticed, and prayed for- by Him first, and then by us.


A Kindred Spirit

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  1. Such an encouragement to know there is something like this for pastors wives. I am an associate pastors wife & have been for almost 9 yrs. The Lord has burdened my heart for pastors wives over the years. My sister is a pastors wife & I see where she tries to bear her burdens alone b/c it is very hard for her to trust people in church. It seems hard for her to make friends also. Praying the Lord uses y’all in a wonderful way for His glory!

  2. I am so so excited for you and your ministry. I always believe in your ability and your vision. I will pray that the Lord will use you in an amazing way.

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