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Reflections of 2012…Secrets of 2013

As of this day, the secrets of 2012 have been disclosed. The treasure boxes of each day, week, and month have been opened, and moment by moment another year was born.

Some of the treasure boxes held hard things, didn’t they? We quickly shut the lids and hoped we wouldn’t have to go there. But we did, hand in hand with our Designer.

I know He wept with me in February and then again in late August as I said goodbye to two dear Grandmothers. He knew that I would never quite grasp how quickly it could happen, and that even as I experienced the painful realities of hospitals, last days, and funerals…. it would always seem like a bad dream.  He weeps with me when a song reminds me of my loss, or when a moment leaves me breathless at a memory of my dear ones, and fresh grief flows.

He weeps with me even now, as tears blind my eyes while I type.

He held me close through an ever-changing year in ministry- when a settled life suddenly became unstable, and moment by moment trust became the very essence of our survival. He upheld, defended, gave grace…carried…when we didn’t know if we could go on. He constantly gave the “peace that passeth all understanding” and kept the spring of joy steady. I look back now and see how He changed me and made me stronger. He has increasingly filled me with thankfulness for trials that I needed to make me more like Him.

After all, wasn’t that my one ‘resolution’ last year? “God, this year once again I want to be more like You. I want to grow spiritually…whatever it takes….” 

Did He answer? Oh my. Yes, and with such wonderful, unconditional love!

Not only did my Designer lift the lid on the treasure boxes of trials…He was there when I opened the boxes marked “token for good.” (Psalm 86:17a). He delighted with me when I smiled at the surprises that were  fashioned just for me.

He rejoiced when I celebrated 7 years of marriage to my best friend.  He tailored our anniversary get-away so that we knew He was blessing us. He loved watching us each enjoy another year with the one He picked out for us to walk through life with.

He surprised me with the rather rapid fulfillment of a dream that He put in my heart in early 2012- to change the direction of my blogging. He kept enlarging my burden to blog with a purpose to encourage and edify women. And then He handed me many small boxes that made all the details come together for launch on November 1st. I’ve been so thankful to watch His hand of blessing on the Embracing Grace website and blog. And I’m blessed to have so many sweet readers, both old friends and new. Through your comments and emails, you bless me daily!

In 2012 God  fulfilled His promise that “the prayer of the upright is his delight” (Proverbs 15:8) and smiled as I opened box after box marked ‘answered prayer.’

There were many material blessings throughout the year, but the spiritual blessings far outweigh them. I am learning more and more to cherish the workings of God in my heart…the answers to fervent prayer…the peace in the midst of pain…

I am learning to treasure the faith blessings as much as….more than…the tangible blessings that we, humanly, so long to touch and feel.

The treasure boxes for 2013 are ready. God has them filled with now-secret blessings, in all forms, likely and unlikely…ready to be delivered at His precisely decided moment.  A year full of secrets, only to be revealed as we live moment by moment, trusting Him.

This is my ‘resolution’ for 2013- it’s the same one I have every year:

“God, this year once again I want to be more like You. I want to grow spiritually….whatever it takes.”

Sure, I have some personal goals and projects that I would like to see accomplished (more on that in a different post).

But Christlikeness is my main goal. And it’s one I can be sure my Father will be making sure I attain. What a comfort!

I’m delighting in a great promise from Isaiah 42:6:

 “I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee…”

Dusk settles over 2012. Dawn breaks on 2013. Every moment of the new year is secure in the hand of a Designer Who loves you and me perfectly.

I wouldn’t want to live it any other way.


With Grace,


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8 thoughts on “Reflections of 2012…Secrets of 2013

  1. Can’t wait to spend a new year with you, Mrs. Highfill. Love your blog and your heart of grace! Happy New Year, Darling!

  2. Such a blessing to read your blog. So reassuring and encouraging to know that our Lord is in Control in everything.
    My prayer this year is to walk closer with Him and rejoice in Him always.

    1. Thank you, Jacqui. I am so glad that the working of all things together for good is not up to me, but in God’s hands. He won’t get it wrong. 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed this article. Our 2012 was filled with difficult gifts to open but I know that even with that God was using those gifts for our good. OOOO the lessons we have learned through the trials and the sadness. We know that God will bring good out of a very dark year and we will be able to minister to others bc we have been there, we have understood and we have seen God’s love play out in 2012.

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