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The Season of Bare (Five Minute Friday)

It’s a Canada winter. Trees shiver in the subzero temperatures, missing their coats of leaves. The colour brown pervades the landscape. Dirty snow waits for a fresh coat of ‘snow paint’ to restore its beauty. The ground is hard, refusing any attempt at seed placement or support for a bloom. The sun shines, but doesn’t penetrate. Humans hibernate, leaving their neighbours wondering…do they really have neighbours?

For sure, it is the season of cold and bare. Everything appears lifeless.

Sometimes, so is the heart. In a season of winter, when the soil of the heart just can’t seem to support a life-changing truth. Sometimes the lessons just won’t sink in. Perhaps prompted by a grief or trial, the heart closes momentarily and shuts out the Son. Oh, He still shines, but doesn’t penetrate. Feelings refuse to come, and life is survived,  but not thrived.

It takes the special warmth and specific love of the Son to open the curtains of the heart and warm the winter.

No longer bare, but bringing forth fruit in the middle of winter. It’s a miracle that only the Son can perform!

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4 thoughts on “The Season of Bare (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Loved the picture you painted with words and your comparison to our hearts. Thanks for the encouraging thoughts you shared through your words.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Rachel. I enjoy creative writing…and FMF puts a bit of pressure on to think quickly, doesn’t it?! 🙂

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