31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors' Wives

Dear Pastor’s Wife {Day 12}

31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors Wives

Dear Pastor’s Wife,

Psalm 39:7 “And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee.”

     Perhaps someday in heaven we will know exactly how much of our lifetime we have spent in waiting. You’re waiting for something now, aren’t you? You’re waiting for work. You’re waiting for a more permanent house. You’re waiting for a more stable ministry. You’re waiting for God to answer specific prayers. You’re waiting for transition to end. You’re waiting for that adoption to go through. You’re waiting for people to get on board with your vision. You’re waiting for ___________________________ {you fill in the blank}.

      I’m waiting, too. For all kinds of things at once, as likely you are. But, I’m convinced that God wants us to always be in a waiting state. He has to continually remind us that HE Himself is all sufficient for our needs, and that we shouldn’t focus on waiting so much for the things we want Him to do for us. Oh, how easily we slip into this mindset of thinking that God is there to answer our prayers (He is) and here to put His plans for our lives in motion (He is) and here to provide for us (He is).

       Yes, He is there for all of that. But first of all, HE IS. This must be our only wait.

And if we wait for Him, we wait for nothing.

Because He has, He is, and He will.  God takes care of everything in perfect time. Today, and for the eternity of tomorrows. Smile…it’s all taken care of.


A Kindred Spirit

P.S. Your trust in God is so inspiring!