31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors' Wives

Dear Pastor’s Wife {Day 15}

31 Days of Whispered Hope for Pastors Wives

Dear Pastor’s Wife,

Psalm 118:8 “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.”

     Oh friend, you and I both have learned this the hard way in ministry. Especially early on in our ministry lives, it seems the natural thing to do to latch onto people and make them our stable place. But, people change. We change. And confidence in people can be so quickly shattered, leaving us wondering how, when, where, what, and why.

     I guess there’s a good reason why God told us not to put our confidence in man. Actually, He just said “It’s better to trust me.” Sort of like a parent suggesting to their child the right thing to do, eh?  “Just…don’t do that.”

    As pastors’ wives, the trap of approval is so easy to fall into…“who is validating me? Who likes what I said or agrees with that decision I made? Who will stand up and defend me if someone attacks? Who’s on my side?” 

    Did I mention that it’s a trap?

      Because the person who is your biggest “yes” now can quickly and definitely turn into a “no.”  You know this, yes?

    Learning to trust God and not put confidence in man is something that we get better at over time. We learn over time that God always defends His children and that when we act on God’s wisdom and Word we gain His unshakable confidence. You’ve never found that in another human, and neither have I. And let’s face it, we could never even be that infallible for others!

     Dear friend, you answer to God alone. Have you discovered the amazing freedom in this?!  If you take a strong stand and delight in God’s confidence, might you be misunderstood? By people, yes. But you will be perfectly understood by God. And…that’s what really matters.


A Kindred Spirit

P.S. Your confidence {as you serve God} is a beautiful thing!

4 thoughts on “Dear Pastor’s Wife {Day 15}

  1. Thanks for sharing this. You are definitely right–it’s a trap! I’m learning this lesson the hard way, but I thank God for His faithfulness in teaching me through my mistakes.

  2. It’s the learning to trust again after we have been betrayed that is the hardest! But I think it is important. Knowing that you will be hurt, but that it is worth it goes against our self protectiveness, doesn’t it? But that IS what trusting God is all about. We are free to be vulnerable, because he is our secure foundation.
    Thanks for this, friend!!!

    1. Yes! We have to open up again or we can’t really minister effectively. And trusting God is the key to opening up again after pain. Thanks for reading, encouraging, and for being a great pastor’s wife yourself! 🙂

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