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I’ve been blessed to recently get to know a dear woman in ministry, Claudia Barba. I haven’t met her in person {yet} but we’ve enjoyed chatting online on several occasions. It started when I messaged her, asking a big favour- Would she possibly be interested in giving away 7 copies of her newest book to some of the pastors’ wives in my Heart-to-Heart groups? She readily agreed, and graciously gave one book away in each of the {then} 6 groups. Those books are now skimming toward the winners’ homes….and there’s more good news- copy #7 hasn’t been given away yet!

Perhaps you’re a {senior/assistant/youth} pastor’s wife, evangelist’s wife, missionary’s wife, deacon’s wife, Sunday School teacher, or maybe even in training for ministry. If you’re a woman in ministry, you can enter! The book is more geared towards pastors’ wives, BUT will be an encouragement to any woman in ministry.

SO….without further ado, here’s how it works: To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post, telling me something that you enjoy most about ministry. Let’s focus on the positives and encourage each other in the comments! You may comment more than once  if you wish to reply to others’ comments, but your name will only be counted once as an entry to win the book.  A winner will be announced on Monday morning, January 26th. If you don’t win, you can order it here: The Monday Morning Club: You’re Not Alone – Encouragement for Ministry

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Claudia’s materials, she also has a few wonderful Bible studies available. One of them {my favourite of hers} is called “Refresh Your Heart.” I worked my way through this one about 3 years ago and found it so very practical, uplifting, and motivating. Here is a picture of the cover and a link to go order it: Refresh Your Heart: A Women’s Bible Study

Claudia’s other Bible study is called When Christ Was Here: A Women’s Bible Study:

I hope you’ll take advantage of these fantastic resources for your church ladies and for yourself. Have fun entering the giveaway and meet me back here Monday morning to see if you won! 🙂

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75 thoughts on “Book Giveaway for Women in Ministry

  1. My favourite thing about ministry is seeing people grow in their walk with Christ. What a blessing to see people grow in our precious Saviour!

  2. I’m a pastor’s wife, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to now our new congregation. We were very nervous about moving somewhere so different than where we had been living (from small city of 150K to tiny town of 3K!), and it’s certainly had it’s challenges, but the people of our new church are just so genuinely welcoming. It’s been great.

  3. I enjoy being in the ministry, because there are eternal results. I love be a small part in seeing hearts given to Christ and lives completely changed for the glory of God.

  4. I love being in the ministry and couldn’t possibly imagine my life any other way. My favorite part of ministry is seeing people completely change their lives and become a new person in Jesus!!

  5. What I probably enjoy most about the ministry is to be able to work side side with my husband! Praise the Lord for a wonderful godly mate (who is also the greatest preacher in the world!)

  6. I’m a PW and what I enjoy most about ministry is to watch people grow in the Lord, and to see souls saved. It’s the life changing eternal results that blesses my heart!

  7. I am thankful for the opportunity to have missionaries in our home. We enjoy getting to know them and learning how we can better pray for them.

  8. The thing I like the most is just meeting new people! My husband pastors a small church, but it is growing and I just love meeting the new people and seeing the new faces. We have first time visitors almost every week and it is just so wonderful!!

  9. There are multiple things I enjoy about the ministry but one that comes to mind is the joy that the Lord gives in serving his people and growing with them. ~Tammy

  10. What do I love about ministry? Hmm…that’s hard to answer in one phrase but I will try to be concise! I am so thankful and humbled to be able to serve my Savior–the one who loved me and gave himself for me. Even when it is hard He is unchanging and faithful.

    I am also thankful for the fellowship of other believers. I have some awesome “sisters” in Christ across the world!

    And the last one I will list is that I am grateful to currently get to work with teenagers and watch them accept Christ and grow in Him. God changed my life as a teen and I love my girls.

  11. I really enjoy seeing lives changed for Christ. My husband is the youth/music pastor and sometimes, when working with teens, it can be quite a struggle! But I want them to know that they are loved, they can come to us about anything, and they can know that someone is going before the throne of God for them. When a teen sees these things and eventually comes to accept Christ as Savior, that’s when all the effort comes full circle. Leading teens or kids to the Lord, and seeing them now serving Christ reminds me that it isn’t all for naught. Lord-willing, they will go on to impact others for Christ and lead others to the Lord and keep the cycle going, keep the faith going. That, I believe, is the most fulfilling and joyful part of being in the ministry.

  12. One of my very favorite parts about being in the ministry is my creche class that I have during the preaching service on Sunday mornings. Even though we live in Ireland, I have children from around the world in my class. They affectionately call me “Mum Lisa” and this melts my heart. I love each of them dearly and love being able share Jesus’ love with each of them.

  13. One thing I love about ministry is the opportunity to minister to children. They are such a blessing and they all need to know that Jesus loves them.

  14. My favorite part of ministry is seeing someone come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ…the whole reason we are in ministry!!!! I love teaching the older children in Sunday School…I love being able to influence their young lives to live for the Lord. There are ups and downs as in ministry, but as as Pastor’s wife, I love being a listening ear. Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them…. 🙂 I could go on and on. However, it hasnt always been rose colored…we have had our struggles too. Want a blessing? Be a blessing.

  15. There are many things I love about ministry but one of my favorites is discipling new believers! I am discipling 2 ladies at this time and it’s so exciting watching them grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ! God is so faithful and promises our labor is never in vain!

    And as a side note…. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mrs. Claudia Barba! I have never met her but we have emailed as well and I get her devotionals via email. She is one refreshing and comical lady who is a reflection of Christ! I hope to meet her one day.

  16. My husband will have been a pastor for 20 years this year. We’re probably older than most who have been in the ministry for 20 years because we were in our late 30’s when he started. But we’ve been serving in churches wherever we’ve lived since we were married.
    I’ve never thought much about what I like BEST about ministry, but I think it would be the one-on-one counseling of women who need help and then seeing how Christ and the Word just takes over and begins to grow up them up spiritually.
    Thanks for this opportunity, Leah!

  17. What do I love about being part of ministry…… It is really hard to pin point just one thing since I personally have wore many hats as many others have, before I was a preacher’s wife I was a deacon’s daughter & and a Pastor’s – daughter- in -law. The hats I have wore have included Sunday School/Youth teacher and I loved watching the faces of the children when something I said brought the Bible alive for them. And Then when one of them came to the Lord I was as proud of them as their parents were. Church Treasurer, and watching the people be blessed because they gave back to the Lord what was His. Now waiting on the Lord for what ministry He has in store for my husband and praying for the Lord to open that door for us.

  18. I enjoy the journey with the people God has allowed us to minister to. Linking arms with them through the good, the bad & the ugly and speaking God’s truth into their lives is a great privilege.

  19. My husband answered the call to Pastoring less then 6 months ago but we have been very active in church for several years. I have a real burden for the teen girls in my area. I love to see them grasp the love of Christ and surrender to make Him Lord of their life.

  20. One of my most favorite things about ministry is teaching the little ones. At times frustrating, but so fulfilling.

  21. I love watching God bring the increase as we plant and water! I never cease to be amazed at His personal touches! He IS and IS a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

  22. The thing that I love most about my ministry at my church is being able to work with my childrens’ choir. I have a passion for teaching and music, and I love working with children; so I fully enjoy the opportunity God gave me to be able to serve Him in this area!

  23. I love being involved in the church ministry–all aspects of it. However, I really enjoy being behind the scenes that no one knows about. God only gives me my reward as I secretly work for Him.

  24. I love it when something happens in your life and you can sit back and see all the events that got you there. To see Gods plan unfold. It alway is amazing to me.

  25. One thing I really love about ministry is one-on-one times with the younger ladies in my church who really just need direction and encouragement for the journey. I didn’t have that when I was in the early stages of marriage and parenting so speaking truth, love and just rallying around them is a blessing to me.

  26. I have been in ministry over 46 years. I had the privilege of inviting Claudia to speak at a Mother/Daughter Banquet years ago in Macon, Georgia. Our ladies At Brookside Baptist Church will hear her at the state fellowship WFBC in April. I already have her Monday Morning Club book…love it.

    Over the years I have found good authors to be my best mentors in the ministry. I have been discipled, motivated, challenged, and encouraged by biblical authors.

    …because life is for service,

    1. I’m a newlywed (6 months now) wife of an Elder/Evangelist and I’m finding out now that I really have to be on the ball with being organized. Things have moved so fast for my household since I said I do; where there was little to no speaking or teaching opportunities for my husband now there’s so much which can become overwhelming at times only because my focus was on being that ‘good wife’ and enjoying the honeymoon. The honeymoon is not over but I see where my role has to be tailored more to support the ministry; do you have any words of wisdom, encouragement, or a book I can pick up to help me through this journey?

      Thank you

  27. I have been a pastor’s wife for 37 years. My husband started our present church 28 years ago. I have enjoyed EVERY aspect of the ministry. We have been so blessed with a wonderful church family. There is nothing better than serving the Lord and seeing Him work. Our children, now adults, felt blessed to have grown up as PK’s. Many of our grandchildren are growing up as PK’s also. God is good ALL the time!

  28. The thingI love about ministry is seeing God move in people’s lives and the change that comes. To see people connect with God in the spirit is an awesome experience to me.

  29. How fun!! My name is Dianne and am a Pastor’s wife near Boston Massachusetts. One of my favorite things about ministry is watching God’s Word change people’s lives. It never grows old and is always a source of encouragement to me. Such a great reminder that it is a living Book with as much power today as the day God gave it to men to pen!

  30. I receive a blessing every time someone grows in grace and fully understands what the Saviour has done for them and are thankful for the greatest gift of salvation.

  31. I have a few favorite things I like to do. But one of them is the media side of the ministry. I’m responsible for editing the church website, posting on Social Media outlets and youtube. I love it!

  32. What do I love most about ministry? I love being able to work along side my husband first and foremost. I love watching people who suffered from addictions completely have a change in their lives. It is like watching the sunrise in the morning, they are no longer in darkness. Their futures are so bright. This brings us great joy to be used by the Lord to further His kingdom!

  33. I am a new pastor’s wife and I love being around people who are excited about God. People who are willing to step up and do whatever it takes to praise and honor Him…it’s contagious!

  34. What I love most about being in the ministry is seeing what God can do when we trust Him and take Him at His word.

  35. What I love the most about being in the ministry is, many times I start out to be a “blessing” to others, but God turns it around to where THEY are the ones that end up being a blessing to me! 🙂

  36. I love having the peace in KNOWING that we are in His perfect will for our lives! Sure, there are mountains as well as valleys, but I truly love serving my Lord! As a pastors wife, any extra encouragement is a blessing!!!

  37. I love the fact that God uses anyone in His work. I love seeing people grow and I also love that God continues to teach me and grow me. Ministry is all about serving and pointing others to Him.

  38. What I like most right now about ministry is the heart attitude of our people. The Lord has given us a very small church, but the heart attitude is amazing.

  39. I am blessed that I get to serve a risen savior! I enjoy being a pastor’s wife because I get to see so many more blessings than other people do. I see them with my family, others in our church family, those in our community and on the mission field. I get an inside peak at what God is doing all around!

  40. I love deepening relationships with the people in church family. It can be a joy to show them the love of Christ and welcome them into our home. It is wonderful to be able to point them to Christ and encourage them in their walk with him.

  41. I am also a pastor’s wife. So many wonderful things were mentioned here! I agreed with many. One thing I love is seeing the love of Jesus shine through some in our church. I just pray that I do the same!

  42. My favorite part(s) of the ministry is serving & encouraging people in their walk with the Lord, and that side-by-side with my husband!!❤️ We have been blessed to be in the same church for 16 years (just Wednesday)! what a joy it is to serve the Lord!

  43. There is not higher calling and no greater joy than to see people saved and growing in the grace of God. I love this place of God’s plan and purpose for my life. He has been faithful not matte what the trial to give wisdom and recourses. What a huge privilege to represent the King of Kings as His servant to this body of believers.

  44. The thing I enjoy about our ministry is watching others grow spiritually. I also enjoy the fellowship that we have with one another.

  45. I love ministering to women. God has given the instruction for older women to teach the younger and I really have a desire to be a part of that. I have gleaned from older women in my life and want to pass on what I have learned to others.

  46. My favorite part of ministry is helping people to grow in their walk with God. Watching them change and bear fruit – I could do that all day long!

  47. It’s always a blessing to see people you have helped over the years and they are still doing well.

  48. I served in ministry long before marrying a pastor, so a lot of the joys are the same. Specific to being a pastor’s wife, my favorite part is two-fold: I love being able to daily ask the pastor questions about my Bible study and not feel like I’m bugging him too much, and I love being able to pass on to others what God has taught me.

  49. My favorite part of ministry is seeing lives change. I am a pastor’s wife and this is a new venture for me (married 5 years, but hubby became the senior pastor at a church about 18 months ago). It has been…hard at times, but seeing people grow in faith and have life changing experiences with God brightens my day so much

  50. I was a Bus kid who has been in the ministry 40 years. My two daughters are now Pastors wives. I’ve always told them to love God, their family and love their church people where they are! I am so blessed!

  51. It’s hard to pick one thing I love most about ministry. I think my favorite thing is seeing my husband (the senior pastor) grow in his role and how loves and leads the church. We are in a very old church (can be traced back over 200 years) and it is thrilling to see people who grew up in the church still learn and grow in their walk with Christ. I guess that’s two things…oops./

  52. I love spending time with Youth as they come to know Christ and make their faith their own. I’m going on four hours sleep as we took all our kids to Dare 2 Share this morning. ❤️

  53. I am in love with my pastor! I know him better than anyone else and see how God is working in and through him. He is a man of integrity and courage, and I love hearing him preach.

  54. My favorite thing about the ministry is seeing my husband do what he loves, preaching out of that wonderful KJB, and seeing it transform people’s lives for the better.

  55. I love to see how God’s love and His Word change hearts and lives!! It is more powerful than anything we could ever do!! Also to be able to get to know people in a personal way that we can help in their struggles and share in the victories!!

  56. I love discipling women. I love to watch God show His truth to a new believer. To see their lives change as they yield to Him is an amazing joy.

  57. I absolutely love children’s ministry! I love their eager hearts, the freshness of hearing the Bible stories for the first time, their simple faith to believe God! I am also so thankful that we are just a part of the body of Christ, no point in comparing. We all just bring our uniqueness to Christ and he blesses and multiplies our labour,and weaves it into His masterpiece!

  58. My husband is a senior pastor. I love watching him do what God has called him to do and a great benefit I receive is being on the inside of so many beautiful spiritual changes that are happening in people’s lives. I get to see testimonies lived out, prayers answered, lessons learned, sin overcome, baby steps- and big steps. I enjoy the close spiritual relationships with the people in our church because if they tell anyone about what God is doing, we’re usually high on their list of who to share with. Very thankful for that.

  59. Thank you for this giveaway! I love Nrs Barba and her ministry to Pastors Wives. There are many blessings of ministry, and one is the joy of supporting my husband. Realizing the importance of giving him a welcoming home and being a blessing to the man God has called to be a preacher.

  60. I love that we (my husband & I) get to do something with eternal results. I love getting to love folks like Jesus loves me. I hate that I fail all too often…

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