Letter to my Readers: A Life Update

Oh friends,

I have missed you! After three weeks of transitioning from Canada to the USA, I am once again connected to the outside world. And how special it was, when I got online again, to find several inboxes full of messages waiting from my readers. You all are such a deep blessing to me!

So. Once again my pen is to the paper and my heart is full of all of the things I want to share about resignation, sabbaticals, and about being on the “other end” of ministry. That will come in time. For now, I give you a life update that is woven into the details of my new calling, which has been perfectly prescribed by my Great Physician for this time in my life:

Be still.

Not too glamorous, eh? But, for me it is an exhale of worship and peace after the hustle and hastle of moving. Many of you have asked how it went, so I will give you a nutshell:

The Move: From the moment we started loading the truck to the moment we arrived in NC, there were so many things that happened and people we met that made us step back and say, “That was God. He did that for us.”  My sister flew in from Iowa specifically to help me drive. This in itself was a sacrificial gift that I would not have asked for, but so deeply appreciated.  I started off driving, but we ended up switching at a gas station in Moncton because my tears were falling so fast I could barely see.  Sarah said something like, “Isn’t it funny how all of our worldly goods fit in a truck like that?”  When I could speak again, I said, “I’d rather be taking people.” And, oh, I would have dumped our stuff on the side of the road and filled that truck with the people we love so dearly. How thankful I am for Skype, Facetime, email, phone, and yes, even snail mail- we have so enjoyed keeping our hearts knit with “our folks.”  After my burst of grief, God quieted my heart and put a stillness there that carried me the rest of the way peacefully.  My sister, also a pastor’s wife, and I talked the entire way down and enjoyed each others’ company.  With the exception of two close calls on the road {one with the car and one with the U-haul}, the drive was completely smooth, with not a snowflake or drop of rain the entire way down the east coast. And, one of our wonderful next door neighbours from Moncton paid for our hotel rooms all the way down- what a blessing!

The Search: We are grateful for my in laws, who let us stay with them while we searched for housing. The kids enjoyed catching up on 9 years of missed time with grandparents, and we spent our days house hunting and figuring out how to do life in the USA. Reverse culture shock is in full force, and it has been both amusing and frustrating at times when something catches us off guard that we aren’t used to. We have wished at times like this that we were as flexible as our children are!  We’ve spent time with my father in law, going for walks and cooking for him. He says he feels better than he has in a long time, which makes us very happy. We are enjoying being close enough to help them and spend time with them often. We’ve also loved the weather here- balmy days that are between 15-21 degrees (Celsius)- this is like a Canadian summer, and it’s January! This summer we will roast, but for now it’s pretty grand.

Our New House: 

This house is one of the first ones we ever saw online back in November when we started searching from Canada. We passed it off because it wasn’t available early enough (or so we thought) and because it seemed farther out than we wanted to be. So we didn’t even look at it again for 6 weeks. But after 2 weeks of searching in vain and being shocked at the prices of rent in the city, this house popped up again online.  We moved in this past Tuesday, and were so blessed to have my parents come for a few days and help us with unpacking, providing delicious meals, and just being there for us. The house is in a wonderful, closed subdivision and the rent is only a little higher than we have been paying for the last 4 years. God so obviously kept it for us and we absolutely love the house! I still can’t believe He gave us something so nice. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 full washrooms, huge walk-in closets, large rooms, and is all on one level. It has a big backyard with woods at the back and a canal running through. The kids spend hours there catching minnows and watching fish. It has plenty of room for company, so book your {free} reservation now. 🙂 Here is a pic of the outside:


 Our New Church: We are attending the church where my husband grew up. It is a large church with an even bigger Christian school, yet we have felt immediately at home and very loved. Even though I didn’t know anyone, most people remember my husband, which has helped us ease into our new church family. The first few services my husband and I felt rather lost- our life has changed so much and we were groping to find our way in this new life that God is opening up for us. But gradually God is healing our hearts and soothing us and even filling us with hope and renewed energy. We are greatly enjoying sitting back and soaking up the Word and the wonderful music- drinking in instead of pouring out. We have always enjoyed serving/leading and being the ones to do the music, but you know, it is just time for a rest. We had Vision Sunday on the 18th, and saw how this is such an exciting ministry with many opportunities to serve! Being a pastor and pastor’s wife, our impulse is to jump in with both feet and get involved. But deep in my heart, I hear God saying, “Just rest. Be still. It’s ok to not do.” Really?! Right about now, a ministry of stillness sounds like exactly what we need.  Being on the “other side” of ministry is, I believe, so vital even for ministry families. I can already see how God is using and will continue to use this experience in my heart as I’m writing this new book about pastors’ wives.

I would be remiss to close this without praising God, Who has provided for us financially in so many amazing ways, and has guided us and tested our faith along the way. My journal is full of my questions and God’s answers, and the record of His hand in our life details. There have been some really hard days, but overshadowing all of the struggle is the sense of hope that we have in our hearts. The pressures have eased and sabbatical has begun. Life has ups and downs, but for now we are enjoying being led by “still waters.”

How are you all doing? I’d love to hear from you, via comments or email. And as always, if you are a pastor’s wife who needs support and encouragement, send me a private email and I will give you the link to join Heart-to-Heart group #7, which just launched a few weeks ago and already has some sweet ladies in it!


A Kindred Spirit

10 thoughts on “Letter to my Readers: A Life Update

  1. Thank you for the updates! I have been praying for you and your family, and will continue to do so. Thank you for the Facebook groups – I have been so blessed by the sweet ladies there. And how exciting to be working on a book! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Hi Leah! Welcome to the States 🙂 What is the heart to heart group? Not aware of that but have been behind on reading your blogs. Also, I was curious as to what city in NC you’re living in. I have a dear ministry friend in Rocky Mount, NC whose husband is President of Positive Action for Christ. If you two are close enough I’d love you to meet her. She is also a former pastor’s wife and has such a heart for God and ladies ministry. Continue to count your blessings, name them one by one…. God loves thankful hearts! Good to hear from you!

    1. Hi Terri, we are in Wilmington, NC. I do know who you are talking about- her parents took our place at the Hawk church in Nova Scotia. I’ve never met her but have seen pictures and had heard that they are ministering at PAFC. The Heart-to-Heart groups are private support groups online for pastors’ wives. The groups have about 30-35 ladies in them, and they just get to know each other and share burdens and joys. I started the first one in the spring and have been amazed at how quickly they have grown. If you are interested in joining one, just send me an email. 🙂 God bless you today!

  3. Thank you for updating on your new life in the U.S. Welcome! Praying you find God’s perfect direction for your next ministry!

  4. Thank you for the update, what a blessing the Lord has been to you and your family, and the answers to prayer, that He has led you all the way.
    We, too, are going through a transition time, we had to sell our church building because of the problems and people leaving, we couldn’t afford the overhead, but the Lord has given us a rental space and this will be our 4th Sunday there, the Lord has blessed and we are encouraged, it seemed like a difficult task, starting over at our age, but we are rejoicing at what He is doing. Thanks for your prayers. I will pray about what the Lord is leading for you and your husband.

    1. Wow, Janice, lots of changes going with you. Thank you for letting me know how to pray for you. Starting over is never easy, BUT most times it is a brand new beginning and an opportunity to see God’s hand in a fresh way. Praying it is so with you as you start in this new direction. ((hug))

  5. Welcome home, dear friend!! Thank you for sharing the update. You were missed a ton, but I am thrilled that you are walking in stillness in this new transition time. Excited to see what God will do. Love you!!

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