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Hey there, my friends. My blogging will be scarce this month, as I am working on my book proposal and I can’t seem to do both blogging and “booking” simultaneously well.  🙂 But I wanted to pop in here and share something that we are doing differently this year with our family Christmas. Maybe you are in need of a fresh idea, too?

In an effort to teach our children about the ‘why’ of gift giving, I’ve been writing a special note on each gift tag before I attach it to the present. We always kept it simple when it comes to gifts, but this little new “tradition” has compelled me to divide items that I would normally wrap together, and to wrap them separately. This way everyone in our family can enjoy more “read tags.”

Based on the Scripture “We love him because he first loved us” {1 John 4:19}, I’ve been writing a little “because” note on each gift tag. Here’s an example:

To: Charity

From: Daddy and Mommy

Because you are a delight!


To: Caleb

From: Daddy and Mommy

Because we love to see the smile that God has given you!

Basically, it’s saying “We want to give you a gift, because_________________________.” And then insert something that relates to the child, to God’s love and care for them, or something that relates to why you’re giving them that particular gift. Our son has shown promise in the area of drawing and is getting a drawing set this year.  So on that gift tag we put “Because we want you to use your talents for God!” See how it relates to why we give, and what the gift is in relation to how God has gifted him for its use?

The purpose is two fold: 1) To help children understand why we give and how it relates back to God’s love for us. 2) To teach children to open gifts a little more slowly- to pay attention to the giver and to give meaning to the receiving. Incidentally, I’ve been doing it for my husband, too, which has been fun. You could do this for anyone of any age- spouse, relative, friend- and it would be special.

Our children have picked up on what I’m doing, and they’ve been sneaking under the tree to read the tags. Today I was wrapping something for Small Son to give to Tiny Daughter, and I suggested a “because” statement for him to add to his tag. He came up with an even kinder, sweeter one and was genuinely happy to write it to her. My heart may have melted just a little.

And then a few minutes later they were fighting. But I digress.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of “because” statements for you to draw from if you decide to add this little touch to your gifts for family and friends:

Because we love to watch you play!

Because I’m blessed to know you!

Because it’s fun loving you!

Because you are a delight!

Because we want you to use your talents for God!

Because we love to see you smile!

Because God is helping you learn new things!

Because we’re glad you’re in our family!

Because you are so smart!

Because we want you to be like Jesus!

Because I like you!

Because you are so handsome!

Because we love you!

Because you are special to me!

Because we love each other happy!

Because you are so cute!

Because you are a stud!

Because you are so beautiful!

Because you are beautifully made in God’s image!

Because we love to watch you share!

Because we think you are fun!

Because life is sweeter with you!

Because you are a gift!

{__________________________________________} – Create your own!

I hope you’ll be inspired during the Christmas season to give more intentionally.  Adding some “because” to your gift tags provides you with some teaching moments with your children, and creates some special memories with friends and relatives. Happy wrapping, writing, and reading!


A Kindred Spirit

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