Safety Tips All Pastor Wives Should Know

Life as a pastor's wife can be difficult. Loneliness is a deeply rooted feeling into their lives, because of a number of reasons. The superficiality of church relationships because they are being regarded as the pastor's wife and not their own individual selves, the fact that pastors are on call nonstop – all these can contribute to broken confidence and acute loneliness. But what if, as a pastor's wife, you are left alone one evening because of an emergency, and your home is broken into, or someone threats you physically? Adding fear on the list is definitely not helpful. Luckily, with the proper home and personal safety precautions and measures, one can regain their lost feelings of peace and safety.

Personal Safety Measures For Pastors' Wives

  • The first thing pastors' wives need to do is realize is that they are not alone in this. Our website is filled with shared experiences, thoughts, and ideas on this topic. The mere fact that you know that you are not the only one feeling this way should help you ease your mind and feel more relaxed in your day to day life.

  • As for your physical safety, there are things you can do to improve it. For starters, try to always carry a pepper spray or a personal screaming alarm on you. Go to a local hardware store or order them online, if you are afraid that your shopping cart might be frowned upon by the people inside the store. You can also get in touch with your regular locksmith and rely on their confidentiality clause not to reveal any information on your purchases to anyone who might be interested.

  • Opt for a lightweight alarm you can carry around and use whenever you feel under threat and you are unable to express yourself out loud. Many people, women especially tend to confront with this problem; they freeze or choke when they are facing real and imminent danger. They are unable to ask for help from passers-by, and they more easily fall victim to acts of assault or robbery in the street or inside their own home. A personal screaming alarm recommended by an expert locksmith service like these guys here https://www.247locksmithfinder.com/commercial-locksmith should help out considerably.

  • These alarm can also be carried around while traveling.

  • Add doorstoppers or portable locks for hotel doors and you should feel more peaceful knowing it is impossible for anyone to get inside the room. This will be very helpful while your husband is away and you are alone in the hotel room.

Home Safety Ideas To Increase Your Security

  • As for the rest of the time, when you are home watching the kids, cleaning up and cooking, you can take different safety measures.

  • Start by talking to a professional locksmith for homes and have all of your doors and window locks assessed for faults. Have them fixed immediately. You may be given two choices: to re-key a lock, which means all of your old keys will be rendered inoperative, or to install a fresh lock – usually to provide you with higher levels of security.

  • It is usually more affordable to re-key a lot instead of investing in a new one. However, if your current locks are not the best ones you could use, you might want to consider installing sturdier ones.

  • Commercial grade-1 deadbolt locks are some of the most popular solutions any locksmith will recommend at the moment. However, keyless, touchpad locks that rely on bluetooth or wireless systems are also top of the lines nowadays. They will allow you to simplify access inside the house and eliminate the stress of managing physical keys all day long – having them stolen or misplaced and fearing the repercussions.