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Sabbatical Ends: A New Journey Begins


My Dear Fellow Pastors’ Wives,

I wanted to let you know about what God has been doing in our lives lately. Today marks the end of a richly significant time period for us- our sabbatical. We never could have dreamed what a precious gift this last 18 months would be! In some ways, it’s seemed like an eternity, because it has been a time of healing and of processing many hard things. In other ways, it’s felt like just a blip on the radar because of the reduced stress and slower pace of life. In reality, it’s been a “dash” in time between the past and future- a dash that holds life changing aspects for us that will continue into the future. As much as we are keenly aware of God’s hand in the details of our sabbatical, we’re sure that hindsight will give us an even greater view of His wonderful works. I hope to write more in the future about what we learned and gleaned during this time.  But for now, here’s the news:

If you follow my articles you know that we took a survey trip to South Africa this past May. So we are excited to share that God is leading us to go back there permanently.  After pastoring established churches in Canada for about 10 years, we are looking forward to switching gears a little and going into church planting. To the same degree that we needed rest and healing, our hearts are now yearning again to shepherd people. Our ministry in Knysna, South Africa will have many creative aspects. But our main heartbeat is still pastoring. We are humbled and grateful that God has a place for us in His service to share His Gospel by His grace.

The following link will lead you to our ministry website, where you can see and hear about all of the details of our new ministry. God has been providing our immediate needs in so many neat ways, and my journal of His provision is adding pages daily. He has also begun to bring in our monthly missions support, and we pray that it will continue to be so in order for us to arrive on the field by early next summer.  Please pray for us, and consider partnering with us financially for the sake of the Gospel in South Africa. Visit our website here:

Thank you for journeying with me. I’m honored to call you all friends, blessed to know that my feeble words encourage you, and deeply grateful that, as wives in ministry, we don’t have to walk this path alone. We can hope in God, embrace His grace every moment, and support each other. This is our community, and I’m continually blessed by you all!


A Kindred Spirit

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1 thought on “Sabbatical Ends: A New Journey Begins

  1. Dear Leah,

    Thank you for the update! I am so encouraged by your website.

    I know you’ve mentioned before that you and your family had some very hard experiences where you worked before. Have you written a post about what happened? As the wife of a preacher, I would appreciate the insight, however, I understand if you can’t talk about things in detail.

    Having had a sabbatical, do you feel like you would be ready to face some of the same difficult situations again if they were to arise?

    I hope you don’t mind the questions. They are sincere from someone who is trying not to trudge along, but step lightly and with grace.

    Much Love,
    A Fellow PW

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