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Never Dive Alone (Five Minute Friday)

Here, in the early moments of 2013, we are forced to dive into another section of this life that we’ve been gifted.

We take along our dreams. Some revealed, some yet hidden.

That big one- the one that we decide “this is the year to accomplish ____________ for Christ. This is the time to see ______________ as reality in our family, in our lives.”

We contemplate the dive, not knowing how or when. Sometimes not even knowing why.

It’s a big dream- one that made us think, ‘where did THAT come from?’  It surely came from God at a very unlikely moment. It surprised us with its presence.  We didn’t even know we had it. We didn’t  have it…until now.

Another presence looms above, around. The tempter waves impossibility in front of our noses. He waves the sachets of “what people think” and “what you will lose.”  They pull on my heart sleeve.

But the strength of the Source is greater. I must fulfill that God-given prompt. No cares for anyone else’s opinion.

Just God and me.

We dive together, and it is done.

Oh, what treasures we find!

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6 thoughts on “Never Dive Alone (Five Minute Friday)

  1. That God-given prompt for me has caused me to tremble at times. Do I dive in and … obey? Yes, I must. Thanks for your thoughts on DIVE. I am in the midst of one of those God-given prompts and this was another confirmation. Visiting from Five Minute Friday and glad I did.

    blessings and love,

  2. Hi Laura
    And when that tempter comes, it is good to remind ourselves that, ” greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world”.
    Hugs XX

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