Dear Pastor’s Wife: Today Is The Day

Facebook has some pesky algorithms that keep us from promoting anything well. So I thought I would write you a quick letter to let you know a few very special announcements:

We are planning our next pastors’ wives retreat! After three wonderful retreats, we took the year off in 2019. Several of us on the Hope For Pastors’ Wives team had some big changes this year. But we all- team and attendees alike- missed each other so much! That annual gathering of pastors’ wives from around the world is such a special time. So we are gathering again in 2020. And we really want you to join us! Here are some of the important details:

When: November 10-13, 2020

Where: Brevard, NC (Our venue is the beautiful Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center)

Who: Pastors’ wives from anywhere and everywhere

How Much: All of that info is right here. Follow that link to view pricing details and to purchase tickets.

Who is Speaking: Some info is here. More info about speakers and counselors will be added as it is confirmed.

For FAQs, travel info, and general conference info, click here.

All of that to say that….today is the day.…that early bird tickets go on sale!! You can save 10% starting today and for the next week. This year we have limited rooms to offer (due to filling up last year) so please don’t wait until the last minute to get your ticket. Come alone and make friends or come with friends and make more friends! Our retreat is life changing and one of a kind- this has been confirmed by our attendees again and again. Join us for a Christ-focused, deeply encouraging, you-will-be-loved-on-and-spoiled-like-crazy 3 days together!

Feeling unsure about it? Here are just a few unsolicited attendee testimonies we received from past retreats:

“I want every pastor’s wife to come to this retreat!” – PW in NC

“Please know that this pastor’s wife was encouraged, refreshed, and ready for more ministry because of your efforts on my behalf. Thank you so much!” – PW in SC

“There are still no words for me to fully express being a part of this magnificent retreat. My heart can barely process it all. One of the most special 4 days of my life. Thank you to you and your ministry team. Every tear you no doubt shed blossomed gardens of fruit in our lives.” – PW in MA

“There are no words to express my gratitude at being able to attend this year. I think about the retreat every day. The lessons that I’ve learned there help to carry me through another day of ministry.” – PW in Japan

“God has met a specific need in my own life and heart at each retreat. I can’t wait for next year’s retreat!” -PW in MO

“So very thankful for everyone who made these days happen. It was…a place of physical rest, spiritual renewal, and mental safety. I’m going to start praying that God will bless my business so I can sponsor other PWs to come.” – PW in SC

“The Lord used this retreat to teach me so much about Himself! And, oh, all the sweet new friends who fill my Facebook newsfeed each day…this retreat blessed me SO MUCH!” – PW in IN

Hope to see you there!


A Kindred Spirit