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Sabbatical Changes {4 Month Report}

I’ve had quite a few emails recently from pastors’ wives and friends, asking me what our sabbatical has been like, and inquiring about the changes that we’ve made. “Do you mind sharing what you are doing differently?” they’ve said. And I am thrilled to share what God has been doing in our family through this… Read More Sabbatical Changes {4 Month Report}

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5 Things Every Missionary Wants You to Know About Culture Shock

Something unique happens when you come off of the mission field for awhile. My husband and I are three months into our sabbatical, and a lot of our conversations lately have been about cultural differences. They pop up in the most unusual ways and at unexpected times. We chuckle at the way things are done… Read More 5 Things Every Missionary Wants You to Know About Culture Shock

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It’s Not Because I’m a Pastor’s Wife

I am responsible  to love others with unconditional, Christlike love.  {John 15:12} I am responsible for my own life choices, and for the consequences of those choices. {Galatians 6:7-9} I am responsible to nurture a daily, growing relationship with God through prayer and His Word, and to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. {Galatians 5:22-23}… Read More It’s Not Because I’m a Pastor’s Wife

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The {In}sanity of Motherhood

Albert Einstein penned the famous quote that we like to quip at certain appropriate times, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” And I suppose that if nothing else proves insanity, motherhood surely does. For who hasn’t washed dishes {without a dishwasher} a couple thousand times, and then heaved… Read More The {In}sanity of Motherhood

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3 Benefits to Raising Children Internationally

“Where are you from?” must be the hardest question ever answered. I’ve stumbled over it all my life. Am I from where I was born? Am I from my parents’ and grandparents’ country of origin? Am I from where I grew up (both places)? Am I from where I lived last? Am I from where… Read More 3 Benefits to Raising Children Internationally