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Dear Pastors: On Mother’s Day, Lead us to Christ

Dear Pastors, You are under pressure often, but this weekend brings a unique challenge. It’s Mother’s Day. And most of the women of the western world have expectations about what will take place at church on this day. If they don’t have expectations, they certainly carry in dreams and heartaches. We are all brokenly desperate… Read More Dear Pastors: On Mother’s Day, Lead us to Christ

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Stories of Grace: Even Mittens

They’re tired. The coats and the hats and the mittens and gloves, the boots and the leggings and windbreakers are tired. It’s the middle of winter and there’s no end in sight to the snow. So the mittens? They just give up sometimes. Small Son’s mittens gave up in a big way. Those turquoise and… Read More Stories of Grace: Even Mittens

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Recipe for a “Got Saved” Party

Our Tiny Daughter recently got saved on January 5th, 2014. A few days after this most happy occasion, she asked me one morning, “Mommy, can we have a ‘got saved’ party?” I thought it was a brilliant idea, and it turned out to be one of the most special and memorable parties we’ve ever had.… Read More Recipe for a “Got Saved” Party

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The {In}sanity of Motherhood

Albert Einstein penned the famous quote that we like to quip at certain appropriate times, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” And I suppose that if nothing else proves insanity, motherhood surely does. For who hasn’t washed dishes {without a dishwasher} a couple thousand times, and then heaved… Read More The {In}sanity of Motherhood

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4 Words Every Mom Needs to Hear{t}

(Note: I {sadly} realize that there are situations in our world where moms do not make right choices for their children. This post is meant to be read in a general sense.) She was the waitress who brought our heaping plates of Chinese cuisine in the little seaside restaurant. Our family and another family were… Read More 4 Words Every Mom Needs to Hear{t}